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Appliance Repair Services

Our appliances are a very important part of our daily life. They provide us convenience while performing any task, whether we are in our home or in our office. They play a vital role. In other words, we can say, they have become our companions in our daily life. Appliances Like

  • AC “Air Conditioners”
  • Refrigerators
  • Led TVs
  • Washing Machines
  • Deep Freezers
  • Microwave Oven
  • Water Heaters

Just Think !! Life without these appliances.

To make our life comfortable, we spent a lot of amounts to get all of these appliances. We spend our hard-earned money for buying these articles. After using them for some period, different kind of wear and tear happens. To keep them running all the time, again we spend money on their repairing solutions.

We have a team of professionally trained service providers. All of them have sound technical experience and most of the service providers have a company background. They have worked with leading brands in the industry. So they have work ethics.

That’s why we expect quality repair solutions on time from them.

General Querries!

For minor repair works, our technician will attend it in 60 minutes.

But if your work is large and needs, our team will contact you in 2-3 hours and will take the details. One of our expert will visit in 24 hours and supply the quotation in a day.

Yes, if you have called for inspection/first visit, it is final. And if the quotation is given with discussion over phone, may be change if site needs.

Yes, The first visit charge is Rs. 150/-. and if you give the work to us, Rs. 100/- refunded to you or adjusted. You have to pay the inspection charge in advance or at site, immediately after the inspection.

It is your choice. But if there any materials is required and cost is more than Rs. 1000/- you have to pay 80% advance on materials cost or buy at your own.

Repairing work will start in 2 hours and new work will start in 24 hours of confirmation.

Yes, We provide six months warranty if you paid online and add your mobile number in Remarks Column during payment.

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